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Tai Chi

TAI CHI for Health

A very gentle form of exercise involving slow flowing movements. It can be carried out sitting or standing and adapted to all levels of ability.
Beneficial for balance and prevention of falls, mobility and wellbeing.

Held in the main hall on Tuesdays  term time:
Tai Chi for Health and Arthritis (TCA) or anyone:
Beginners class 10am. - 10.45am.
Advanced class 11am. - 11.45am.

Held in the main hall on Thursdays  term time:
Tai Chi for Health and Parkinson's 12noon - 12.45pm

Contact: Sally Martin

Telephone: 07810 550 080

The Tai Chi for Health and arthritis programme was produced by Dr Paul Lam as part of the Tai Chi for Health Institute (www.taichiforhealthinstitute.org).
It was put together especially for people with arthritis, but as a  neurological physiotherapist with a number of years' experience, I have  seen the benefits of tai chi for many different conditions. It is proven  to be one of the most effective exercises for  physical and mental well being, integrating the body and mind.


Dr Paul Lam's weekend workshop in the UK, 2017:  

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